Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yosemite Falls High-Line

Dean Potter, tears it up way above yosemite falls. This dudes got a chillin outlook on life, and is pretty damn good at slack lining as well. 

Yosemite Falls High-Line from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Extreme Mountain Unicycling

Stephanie Dietze and Lutz Eichholz unicycle down a 3011m high mountain in the dolomites. The backdrop is epic and seeing someone descend such steep slopes on a single wheel is pretty incredible.

Extreme Mountain Unicycling on Pinkbike

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life Cycles Full Movie HD

If you haven't seen Life Cycles before go watch it now. From beginning to end this is one of the best full length mountain bike movies to date, gives the collective series (Anthill Films) a run for their money. Filming and editing are on point and riding is sick too.

Life Cycles Full Movie HD

Mining for Nugs

Mike Hopkins, James Doerfling, Garett Buehler, and Evan Schwartz put it down in one tight edit. Music works with the great editing by scottsecco. 

Mining for Nugs on Pinkbike

Monday, October 8, 2012

David Gonzalez: Possessed to Skate

David Gonzalez: Possessed to Skate
There aren't many ways to describe a segment like this. With some lines straight out of a tony hawk video game, Gonzalez pulls of a next level segment full of tech shit. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life Elevated
What a Utah adventure. I'm liking everything but the song here. 
Life Elevated on Pinkbike

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yosemite Falls High-Line

Here's a sick video of Dean Potter slack lining across Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite Falls High-Line from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012 reel
Here's the first reel I've posted, its got a bunch of dumb car commercial-esque shots but also some gems. Song is good, and the quality is crazy, RED cameras coming through big once again. The bike shots 30 seconds in are money. Check it out for some variety.
2012 reel from SnapRoll Media on Vimeo.
Norwegian Sunrise
Some heli shots of the spectacular mountains in Western Norway captured with a cineflex camera. Such a different landscape, than I'm used to here on the East Coast, and the sunset in the background doesn't hurt in making this video good. Check it out.

Cineflex - Norwegian sunrise from Fuglefjellet on Vimeo.